26-28 MAY 2021

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Osseus Fusion Systems' FDA-cleared 3D printed spinal implant successfully implemented for first time

"This was a company defining day for Osseus."


Osseus joseph-spine-osseus-1st procedure

Osseus Fusion System's FDA-cleared 3D printed titanium spinal implants have been successfully implemented for the first time by Joseph Spine, a centre for spine and scoliosis surgery.


The Texan medical device company received validation for its Aries lumbar interbody fusion devices back in August. These implants are produced with Osseus' patent-pending Pl3xus process in customised volume batches with metal additive manufacturing systems from the likes of Renishaw, EOS, and 3D Systems. Not every implant is tailor made from scratch, but there are 'sub-categories' of implants where the implant's height and length, for example, are tweaked to perform better once implanted into the patient.


The Aries interbody fusion devices work by being packed with biomaterials and bone graft and inserted in between two vertebrae, where it will fuse with the spine and work to prevent pain. Upon their launch last summer, Osseus reckoned it had one of the most comprehensive portfolios of 3D printed spine implants and was set to capture market share 'like never before'. Less than six months on, its Aries product has for the first time been put into practice.


"I'm grateful for the invitation from Dr. Sam Joseph to join he and Dr. Andrew Moulton of Joseph Spine as they implanted the first 3D printed Aries-L lateral interbodies [last week]," commented Robert Pace, CFO at Osseus Fusion Systems. "As our research showed in the development process, the visibility through the implant under fluoroscopy was excellent and we are very confident it will assist surgeons in verifying fusions postoperatively. This was a company defining day for Osseus and our appreciation for great surgeons like Drs. Joseph and Moulton cannot be overstated."


"As a surgeon, it's very exciting to participate in the device development process and see your ideas brought to life so quickly," added Dr. Joseph, founder of Joseph Spine. "[Last week], we were able to successfully implement this cutting edge, patient-specific spinal implant that addresses the complex anatomy of the spine and the delicate nature of its surrounding structures."

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