26-28 MAY 2021

NECC (Shanghai)


Gefertec and Linde to explore influence of process gas within 3DMP additive manufacturing technology


Gefertec arc605


Gefertec GmbH have entered into a joint research project with Linde AG to investigate the influence of the process gas and oxygen within its 3DMP additive manufacturing technology.


The two companies will be assisted by Fraunhofer IGCV and MT Aerospace AG, the former of which will be responsible for overseeing the 3D printing of parts, while the latter will perform mechanical tests of said parts. Linde is the supplier of process gasses used in Gefertec’s 3DMP technology and MT Aerospace AG is an adopter of the metal production process.


As well as the impact of process gas and oxygen, the partners will also look into the influence of welding parameters on the components produced with 3DMP, and also the viability of printing larger parts out of titanium alloy Ti6AI4V which meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. 


Gefertec’s 3DMP technology was brought to market in 2017 and uses electric arc welding to produce near-net-shaped part welding layer by welding layer. This technology has been packaged within the Arc series of three- and five-axis systems which, with the integration of an optional milling system, can immediately finish the high-quality metal parts produced in the machine. The arc603 is a three-axis system whuch can produce metallic components up to 3.0m3 with a maximum mass of 3000kg; the arc605 is a five-axis system which can output parts up to 0.8m3 with a maximum mass of 500kg; and the arc405 is another five-axis system which can produce parts up to 0.06m3 with a maximum mass of 200kg. Users of Gefertec 3DMP technology include FIT AG and Rolf Lenk GmbH.

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