26-28 MAY 2021

NECC (Shanghai)


Fortify announces $2.5m seed round as it prepares to beta launch DLP additive manufacturing platform


Sample parts produced with Fortify's Fluxprint technology.


Fortify, a Boston-based additive manufacturing start-up, has announced a seed round of $2.5m with funding coming from a host of venture capital organisations.


The investors include Neotribe Ventures, Prelude Ventures, Mainspring Capital, Ocean Azul Partners, and McCune Capital.


Fortify, founded in 2016 off the back of research conducted by Dr. Randall Erb and Dr. Joshua Martin, is bringing to market its patented Fluxprint technology. Fluxprint works to apply a precise magnetic field to a composite SLA resin, which is polymerised by a digital light processing (DLP) projector multiple times within each layer. The build plate moves upwards to repeat this process through new layers to produce composite parts.


The company’s workforce has more than doubled in size since receiving the funding, as it gears to launch its first additive manufacturing platform and two resins. Meanwhile, the Fortify Fiber Platform has been established to welcome materials companies and resin suppliers to co-develop high-performance resins with Fortify’s material scientists and engineers. DSM has become one of the first Fortify Fiver Platform partners.


In 2019, Fortify is hoping to secure an additional $8m in Series A funding as its flagship 3D printing system is installed by a selection of ten beta customers.


The support from our investors and partners is affirmation that the technology we’re developing is meeting significant needs in the manufacturing industry,” commented Josh Martin, CEO of Fortify. “We are looking forward to continue to be an innovation leader in the space and grow our DCM [Digital Composite Manufacturing] capabilities and products.”


We’re thrilled to count Fortify amongst our partners,” offered Kittu Kolluri of Neotribe Ventures. “At Neotribe we place a high value on transformative technology, and Fortify continues to prove themselves as a pioneer in manufacturing for the digital age by democratising the performance of advanced composites through additive manufacturing.”

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