Polygonica,the software development toolkit from MachineWorks for processing polygon meshes, demonstrated its latest version and features at the TCT Show in Birmingham this week.

The Polygonica v2.1 software will be showcased, demonstrated and the focus of David Turner's presentation on the TCT Product Stage

Exhibiting on stand E44, the team is showing the latest additions in Polygonica version 2.1 including support for fast lattice generation, sweeping of profiles and solids along paths, solid convexification, imprinting, embossing and engraving curves and profiles, and mesh manipulation including fairing and smoothing algorithms

Polygonica has already been integrated by leading industry players including 3D Systems, Stratasys, Renishaw, Desktop Metal and ANSYS Spaceclaim for automatic healing and advanced print preparation. The software provides advanced software technology to both software and hardware additive manufacturers to resolve complex geometrical operations such as mesh healing, 3D Booleans, solid offsetting, mesh modelling, quality-based remeshing and mesh analysis.

The team behind Polygonica claims that by creating their own software applications, 3D printing manufacturers can take control over their Intellectual Property (IP) and gain quicker access to market. 

“The enormous advantage to Additive Manufacturers is that they can take immediate advantage of the automatic healing capabilities of Polygonica and its superior speed without having to spend years of development thanks to MachineWorks’ unique Boolean engine”, says Richard Baxter, Polygonica Sales Manager at MachineWorks.

The software was awarded the TCT Technology Innovation Software Award. The TCT Awards took place on the evening of the 27th September at Birmingham Town Hall. Live updates were posted across both our @TheTCTMagazine and @TCTEvents Twitter profiles. 

Source: TCT Magazine