Industrial additive manufacturing company, Optomec has announced a partnership with HUSUN Technologies to deliver its LENS Systems for 3D printing metals in China.

With offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong, HUSUN has been providing industrial 3D printing solutions to customers in the automotive, aerospace and academic industries in China for the last seven years.

"Optomec is an internationally famous company in the field of metal additive manufacturing, and we are pleased to partner with them in their global development strategy," said Ms. Qiao, General Manager of HUSUN Technologies. "We see a large market opportunity for metal additive manufacturing technology in the region and are expanding our sales and sales service teams to promote and support LENS technology to various application fields in China."

Optomec LENS systems uses a high-power laser to build up structures layer by layer directly from powder metal feedstock. The machines have been installed in a total of 15 counties and can be used to build new metal parts or add material to existing components for repairs or surface coatings.


"We are very happy to partner with HUSUN to expand sales of LENS metal additive manufacturing systems in China," said Pascal Pierra, Optomec Director of Asia Pacific Sales, based in Singapore. "The HUSUN team has an excellent track record delivering advanced industrial manufacturing solutions including equipment, application technology, and post-sales support. They're already off to a great start with sales of two LENS systems."

Also this week, Optomec has announced the new Aerosol Jet HD System based on its Aerosol Jet technology for functional electronic printing. The HD system is a compact, configurable production platform that can dispense a wide range of electronics materials with features as small as 20 microns. It is able to handle a variety of substrate sizes and compositions, providing high-resolution printed electronics for demanding advanced packaging applications such as 3D interconnects, conformal RF/EMI shielding, and precision micro-dispense of insulators and adhesives. The Aerosol Jet HD platform, which includes the Aerosol Jet Print Engine, has an entry price of less than $150K. Product shipments are scheduled for late Q218.

Source: TCT Magazine