Formlabs has announced it is bringing colour to the mix with the launch of Color Kit, the first integrated colour mixing solution for stereolithography 3D printing.

Expanding on its standard palette of general purpose and engineering-grade resins for the Form 2, the Boston-based desktop SLA leader is giving users the ability to mix their own Color Resin and create uniformly coloured 3D prints with high resolution and smooth surface finish.

Explaining the decision to introduce colour, Formlabs said in a blog announcement: “Formlabs' materials science team selects colours for functional materials, like our Engineering and Dental Resins, for differentiation and to optimise for their respective material properties. These properties are essential for functional parts and works-like prototypes.

“For looks-like prototypes, concept models, and others parts where aesthetic is top priority, Color Kit enables you to print many models in one consistent colour, right off the printer, without the additional work of finishing and painting.”

Each Color Kit includes a Color Base cartridge, five bottles of Color Pigment in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White, syringes for easy measurement, and a Recipe Book.

To create these new colours, users can choose one of 16 tested recipes from the kit or more adventurous users can mix a custom colour using our Color Picker. The colour pigments are mixed into the base material to create a full cartridge of Color Resin which can then be used like any other standard resin inside a Formlabs machine.

Formlabs says Color Resin is ideal for matte, opaque parts straight off the printer, or painted parts with a coloured base material. The idea is to expand the possibilities for desktop SLA so that users can create parts and prototypes in the desired end-product colour or shade without needing to spend hours post-processing and painting.

As Color Resin is not an off-the-shelf material, Color Kit is currently being offered as a Form X product, Formlabs’ experimental product platform which showcases new tools, materials, and approaches for SLA. The Color Kit is available to order now.

Source:TCT magazine